Tom Price was born and raised in the southern half of Delaware, an area of mostly farming, yet also closely linked to the Atlantic Coast beaches, fishing, and crabbing in the bays. After leaving his high school class of fifty-nine behind him, he went on to get a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in Chicago. Continuing westward, Tom then drove his '65 Chevy cross-country to his first job in Berkeley, California, with a guitar as one of his only possessions as he arrived. "About the only things that I put on the company-supplied moving van were my stereo and the back seat of my Chevy - to make room for the pup tent and cooking gear."

A single finger-picking class made Tom quickly realize that he could both learn and play like no one else around. Picking away in the evenings for twenty-five years, he soon played at virtually every family event. With a family of eight siblings and thirty or so nieces and nephews, these outings added up. People came just to see him. His uncle was the top county fiddler in North Carolina, and this uncle's two twin brothers were always set up on the street, as in Mayberry, and taking requests from the town. Tom also has a twin brother, who introduced Tom to the guitar in high school.

Finally, after thirty or more years and a great deal of wisdom learned, Tom moved his self-made business and employees out of his garage, bought a digital recorder, set up a studio, and began doing more than picking. Tom found himself glued to the equipment and composing song after song. What has transpired is an awesome wisdom of words and matching music.

"Right now I'm just letting the creative music flow out of me. We are in the pre-production phase, so to speak; this is the writing phase. I realized that I am a writer and composer, so I am currently working hard at both."

About one song per month is composed, while Tom continues to run his small hi-tech business.

July 2005 marks the release of Tom's first CD - a collection of his home-recorded songs. The next step is to receive feedback from friends and the industry, in order to help guide him in the path to sharing this music with as many people as possible. Should he execute his own albums, provide the songs to existing performers, or make them into a movie? Meanwhile, Tom just keeps on writing.

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Best Fiddler Award  (1980 Fiddling Class)
Dad of the Month 1987 to Present
Employee of the Month 1981
Bowling Championship Team 1979
Baseball Letter Jacket 1969
High School Baseball Championship 1969