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Tom Price is a songwriter and performer. His songs are a rich combination of folk, country, and soft rock, as well as other disciplines. His lyrics deep and insightful are the most common link between the songs. Otherwise the songs vary widely. Tom, himself, will tell you that it's instead all about the music, and that the lyrics, in turn, are dictated by the music. His high standards in the music arena has produced some remarkable compositions.

Strong Recommendations are:

Sittin' by Rain -- A song about Post War Stress

The Golden Mane -- About a Mother with Breast Cancer & Children

The Porchpost -- Being in Love with one who just won't Respond

Tom writes and mixes his own music, providing you the finished goods. Acoustic guitar is the main instrument picked, strummed, finger-picked, and even as lead guitar. If the song has any country in it, he likes balancing these deep lyrics with the rebellious guitar picking of Waylon Jennings as in I Guess All This. Strings are used in the deepest songs, such as A Forest Night, to bring out the essence. Hollow body guitar usually enhances the more rock & roll tunes, such as Goin' Down Road. Bass Guitar is always present, and provides the foot-stomping on the train song Honey Suckle Wine.

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